Ripae Finance

Initial Release Cronos

Initial release


The following dates are the expected roll-out of the Ripae Finance initial ecosystem on Cronos.
  • Genesis Start = 2022-07-04 12:00 UTC
  • Genesis End = 2022-07-07 12:00 UTC
  • Tellers Start = 2022-07-07 12:00 UTC (4 Years Deflationary)
  • Bank Start = 2022-07-11 12:00 UTC
    • -> Make sure that you stake your $PAE and $sCRO in the Bank BEFORE the start of the 1st Epoch at 2022-07-11 12:00 UTC in order to earn $pCRO on the first expansion.


The Genisis pools will start distributing $pCRO reward on the 4th of July at 12:00 UTC. These Genesis pools will be the only way to be the first to earn $pCRO. Ripae is a 100% fair launch which means that no $pCRO tokens are pre-minted to any individual party. The Genesis pools will last for 72 hours.
The following is the allocation of the distribution of the initial $pCRO: PAE: 44.5% WCRO: 15% USDC: 15% VVS: 8.5% MMF: 8.5% mooCronosBIFI: 8.5%
Contracts of Genesis tokens: PAE: 0x99415856B37bE9E75C0153615C7954f9DDb97A6E WCRO: 0x5C7F8A570d578ED84E63fdFA7b1eE72dEae1AE23 USDC: 0xc21223249CA28397B4B6541dfFaEcC539BfF0c59 VVS: 0x2D03bECE6747ADC00E1a131BBA1469C15fD11e03 MMF: 0x97749c9B61F878a880DfE312d2594AE07AEd7656 mooCronosBIFI: 0xBa5041B1c06e8c9cFb5dDB4b82BdC52E41EA5FC5
Rewards are earned immediately per block and can be harvested without any lockups, vesting, or taxes. There are no deposit or withdrawal fees.


The Tellers will start distributing $sCRO reward on the 7th of July at 12:00 UTC. These Tellers incentive users to provide liquidity and in turn, will be treated with the only way to earn $sCRO from start. These Tellers will be distributing $sCRO for 4 years with a deflationary halving every 6 months.


The Bank will start distributing $pCRO reward on the 11th of July at 12:00 UTC. You earn this $pCRO by staking your $sCRO and $PAE. The Bank will continue to distribute tokens every time TWAP of $pCRO is above 1.01 $CRO.

Bond Market

The Bond Market will be open at the same time as the Bank opens however buying $bCRO will only work if $pCRO trades under 0.99$ CRO.


What the hell is moo tokens you may wonder? As one of the biggest Yield Optimizers in the whole crypto space (and one of the biggest DeFi projects overall), Beefy.Finance is breaking new ground every day. The creators of Ripae are in ave of Beefy and how they are constantly expanding hence we have chosen to bootstrap Ripae Finance by giving back to the Beefy community. What is moo Tokens then? They are receipts of your deposit into Beefys Yield Optimizing vaults. This means that you will deposit your tokens or LP into Beefy and earn a yield on these deposits. All while you then use the receipts you get and stake them into Ripaes Genesis pools in order to be the first users to get your share of $pAVAX, basically make you earn on your earnings. To learn more about how to acquire moo tokens, head over to our section “How to get moo Tokens?”.