Ripae Finance


In order to make it easy for users, Ripae has its own vaults on certain chains for users to automatically autocompound their earnings. Autocompounding is the art of taking the reward earned from a farm and automatically compounding it into the same staked LP in order to increase the total earnings through compounding. As the protocol automatically compounds your earnings, you save both on GAS and on Time.
There is no deposit fee, no lockups, no withdrawal fees. What Ripae do is take 5% of the harvested reward and use that to burn the peg token for the chain the vault is compounding on. Using Ripaes' own vaults compared to alternative vault providers helps the protocol's sustainability as all rewards go towards growing the protocol rather than earning a profit which external vault providers are most concerned about.
The vaults can be reached here:​


Ripae have 2 vaults on Optimism which are $pETHo-$ETH and $sETHo-$ETH.


Ripae have 3 vaults on Fantom which are $pFTM-$FTM, $pFTM-$FTM and $pFTM-$PAE.