Ripae Finance


Ripae - Your ONshore Bank

Ripae means Bank in Latin, not really a Bank, but a Bank, anywho, Ripae is meant to revolutionize the algorithmic peg token sector by providing a true and honest service that builds upon previously battle-tested protocols. Ripae takes what works from previous iterations and builds on those by providing the extra benefit of being a true sincere protocol that everyone can be proud of.

How does Ripae Work?

$pegToken = $pFTM, $pAVAX, $pSolid, $pBNB, $pMatic, $pCRO, $pETH
Ripae Finance works by adding different moving pieces together in a combination of Game Theory in order to facilitate the actions needed in order to algorithmically hold our individual pegged tokens pegged to 1 native chain token, or as close as possible. This means that until the peg of 1 $pegToken = 1 Native Token is fully met, there will be fluctuations both above and below 1 = 1 in order for the value to find each other. Think of it as landing a plane where the wind moves the plane up and down while going for the landing, but as soon as the plane has landed, the wind doesn’t matter anymore. The following describes their moving pieces.