Ripae Finance

DAO Fund

Ripae Finance is a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) which means that the users of Ripae are also indirectly its owners. The DAO Fund is the treasury of Ripae that has multiple use cases.
The most important use case for the DAO Fund is the stabilize the protocol using a mixture of buying and selling of both Ripae tokens, and also other assets. The DAO fund will sell some $pFTM and $pAVAX tokens when the price is extremely high in order to help stabilize the protocol. These funds will then be used to help stabilize the project if ever $pFTM or $pAVAX is under peg and there is a need to help the Bond Market to bring $pFTM and $pAVAX above peg. These actions are all made at the discretion of the team and information will be available after the fact in order to protect against frontrunning.
One of the use cases for the DAO Fund is the bring Ripae Finance to the masses using a mixture of conventional and unconventional marketing tactics, such as partnerships, competitions, marketing material, and much more.
Recurring costs are costs that will be covered by the DAO which could include mods, system costs, and other costs associated with the running of the protocol.
Investments into safe (from a technical perspective, and as far as we know) and stable protocols with some of the DAO Funds will help it grow in times where there is no direct immediate need for it.